No Man’s Land: Young People Uncover Women’s Viewpoints on the First World War

Watch this short film to hear New Focus talking about the reasons behind No Man’s Land: Young People Uncover Women’s Viewpoints on the First World War.

This project is funded by The Heritage Lottery fund ‘Young Roots’ scheme

Bradford Video Portraits

As part of The Caravan Gallery’s Bradford Pride of Place Project, New Focus, created a short film capturing honest accounts of what it means to live in Bradford today.

Thanks to the 46 generous supporters of our Kickstarter campaign, we travelled around the city, meeting many people who make Bradford unique. Participants include our Lord Mayor and Lady Mayoress, councillors and cultural leaders, market stall holders, bus drivers, comedians, curry connoisseurs and football fanatics. Those who took part range from age 8 to 80 and each has a personal story to tell.

Meet the Artists: Document Scotland

New Focus met Document Scotland before the launch of their exhibition Beyond the Border and interviewed each member about their work and practice, watch the full 22 minute interview below

This short film was  made by  New Focus member Alina Marcu with the support of Jonathan Petty and Anca Tutuianu

New Focus asked Document Scotland ” What Does it Mean to be Scottish”. See their 2 minute response below

This was part of a larger film project to go with the exhibition Beyond the Border by Document Scotland. This short film was  made by  New Focus member Alina Marcu with the support of Jonathan Petty and Anca Tutuianu

Meet the Artist: Paul Reas

New Focus had the opportunity to creatively direct a video to coincide with Paul Reas first major retrospective “Day Dreaming About The Good Times” .  Anne McNeill Impressions Director and curator of the exhibition introduced the team to the exhibition with a presentation taking us through 30 years of Paul’s work starting with his early work in Bradford through to his most recent work  From a Distance.  New Focus then developed a project plan thinking of  questions to ask Paul and effective  ways to film the interview.

New Focus would like to thank Ryan Baxter and Billy Sellers for the film and sound and Christie O’Keefe for editing this film. We would also like to thank  Ellie Jackson who helped us document the filming process.

Meet the Artist: Melanie Friend

Ryan Baxter and Billy Sellers from the film production team had the opportunity to interview Melanie Friend and make this insightful video to coincide with the exhibition ‘The Home Front’ showing at Impressions Gallery in September 2013.

New Focus Recruitment Video

New Focus were given the opportunity to develop a recruitment strategy in January 2013. They decided to make a video as a way of reaching young people. We approached Bradford City of Film who put us in contact with the Film School at Bradford University we then worked with two 2nd year students Delia Malaut and Joanna Cuper who filmed and edited this fantastic film.

With thanks to Bradford University, Bradford City of Film and Art in Yorkshire.

Meet the Artists: Paul Floyd Blake

New Focus first project was working in partnership with Arts in Yorkshire to make a short film to coincide with the exhibition Personal Best showing at Impressions Gallery in Summer 2012. New Focus had a major role in the planning and direction of this short film. The video was available to download on an award winning app and it was also shown in the gallery throughout Summer 2012.. See blog post by member Hayley Sargent to hear about her experiences of making this film

With thanks to Arts in Yorkshire.


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