11th August 2016 – Maggie Glover exhibition at The Peace Museum: ‘Painter of Honest Portraits’

In hearing about the official opening of ‘Painter of Honest Portraits’ by Maggie Glover at The Peace Museum, Jennifer, Pippa, myself and two New Focus members; Sonal and Danielle decided to attend the event, as there would be some never before seen items on display. I felt that this exhibition opening was the perfect opportunity for Danielle and Sonal to see what The Peace Museum is all about and to see what objects they put on display, as it was their first time in visiting the museum.

When we arrived at the museum there were already so many people present, the rooms were just filled with eagerness and curiosity about the exhibition. From a personal perspective, it was great to see familiar faces like Shannen Lang as I used to volunteer at The Peace Museum and help out with events. It was also great to revisit the space and to see the new items that they’ve added.

Shortly after we arrived there was a short introductory talk by the Chair of the Board of Trustees. He briefly spoke about the journey that The Peace Museum has been on and his amazement at how they have access to Maggie Glover’s art, as he never imagined that they would have direct access to her work.

Following the introductory talk, Shannen Lang, the Learning and Administration Officer then began to take a closer look at Maggie Glover and to talk a bit more about her work as both an artist and a peace activist. I think it’s amazing how Maggie Glover combined her passion of art and peace to create some amazing pieces that now serve as records of peace activism. Shannen then focused on some of Maggie’s sketches and she made an interesting point of how there’s a great sense of urgency in each piece, as she wanted to capture the moment. I really enjoyed the variety of art within the exhibition, as it was a mixture of peace related art to an ordinary sketch of Sir Ian McKellen.

After the talk was finished, we were able to take a closer look at the exhibition. The evening was definitely a new experience for Sonal and Danielle but I feel that they now have a better idea of the type of work that The Peace Museum does. As a whole, it was an enjoyable evening in being able to celebrate the life and work of Maggie Glover.



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