14th July 2016 – Meeting with Graham, Congreve about the publication for ‘No Man’s Land’ by Asiya Hussain

Today, Pippa and I were meeting up with Graham Congreve, Director of Evolutionprint and this meeting would be mainly to see the different publications he’s made and which one would capture our attention.


Just to explain why we were having this meeting in the first place, New Focus is working on a project called No Man’s Land and throughout the project, we’ll be visiting different archives and unearthing some interesting and hidden facts about women during World War One. Hopefully, by the end of the project we will have created a publication, which will be filled with all the different things we’ve learned and will be accessible for young people to read. This meeting was mainly to give us a better idea of what layout and design would be suitable for the publication.

I’ve never really been at these meetings when you get to meet the brains behind the layout and design of publications so this was exciting for me.

He brought over a box full of publications, big and small, so that made me even more curious to see what he brought. And I have to say, there was A LOT of publications of all shapes and sizes. There were two A3 sized magazines that looked like old fashioned newspapers, which I thought looked really good and there was also a leaflet that had been shaped to look like a mountain, so that when you unfold it each page has a section of the mountain head. (That really impressed me.)


But we also had to keep in mind that the really complex but pretty publications would be more expensive to make as it would require a lot more time in producing them. This was evident when we took a look at a large book that had different textured papers and some of them had different printing styles done, some being engraved while others had designs made by laser cutting (wow!) I think we instantly fell in love with that book.


It was amazing to see all the different possible outcomes in making a publication. It doesn’t have to be a traditional text book with a lot of writing and a few images, it can look like a newspaper filled with nothing but images, or it could be concealed within a package or it could even be pocketsize!

I have no doubt that the next time we have a New Focus meeting, they will definitely be excited to hear all the different options for the publication No Man’s Land.


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