Bradford Video Portraits: Shoot 3 and 4

Shoot 3: Saturday 2 May Leeds Road

On Saturday 2 May, our first shoot was on Leeds Road where we had arranged interviews with different retail owners to capture their image of Bradford.

As we journeyed along Leeds Roads, it became clear that the majority of people we interviewed are very enthusiastic and passionate about their home town of Bradford. The owner of the convenience store ‘The Orange Tree’ for example, explained how his favourite locations within Bradford are the various museums and galleries, such as The National Media Museum, The Industrial Museum and (yours truly) the Impressions Gallery.

It was refreshing to hear people talk about the historical aspects of Bradford and to be reminded of Bradford’s past. I’m glad the New Focus filming crew captured the passion people feel towards this underrated city and how they ‘feel blessed with the historical sites within Bradford’.

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As well as its proud history, many commented on what they felt made Bradford special today. This included Bobby’s Baraber, who stated quite assuredly that in being a barber for 8 years ‘Bradford is truly quite stylish’

Also, let us not forget the friendly employess over at Mughals Resturant who also commented on how Bradford is well known for its Asian cuisines. There are many perks in being a part of the filming process of the Bradford Video Portraits. Being treated to some free samosas and sweet mithai, courtesy of ‘Mughals’ restaurant for instance, highlights the generous and hospitable nature of Bradford.

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Let us not forget the viewpoints of the younger Bradfordians as their input is just as valuable as the older generation. To go against the negativity of Bradford being ‘rough’ and ‘boorish’, it is extremely reassuring to hear from the younger generation how they feel that Bradford is a “fun and safe” place to be in. Even through wind and rain, we where still able to capture the positiveness of Bradford.

Shoot 4: Saturday 2 May Oastler Market

Proud stall owners within Oastler market also noted the diversity within Bradford. They saw the city as a community filled with a variety of beliefs and customs, creating a vast network of cultures and races.

During our little travels within Bradford, it was interesting to note the power of the camera and how people assume that we are a part of the BBC or ITV. During the process of filming within Oastler Market, we soon had our own little crowd of spectators, wondering whether this will be on TV tonight. Bradford Video Portraits may not be shown on every television screen in England, but we can say with confidence that it will be shown on the Bradford Big Screen in Centenary Square, so just wait and see.

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Final filming of the day in Impressions Gallery and City Library

At the end of this long and eventful day of filming, we managed to squeeze in three young voices and hear about Bradford from the outlook of a comedian.

It has been fun seeing how Bradfordians are very proud of the diversity of people within the city, and how it’s variation of cultures and traditions, make it unique in its own right. So far, Bradfordians have shown a strong sense of loyalty towards the city as it represents for them, a source of multiplicity and community.


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