Bradford Video Portraits: Shoot 1

We want to thank all 46 backers of our Kickstarter campaign Bradford Video Portraits, altogether we raised £600. We are now super excited to start our journey exploring Bradford and finding out what it means to live in our city today. Thanks to your support we are hoping to interview at least 50 Bradfordians from councillors to market traders to school children we want to capture the vast diversity of our city from people aged 5 to 90.

Shoot 1, Friday 24 May: Time for Tea at Impressions Gallery

Our first shoot was last Friday 24 May at Time for Tea a regular event at Impressions Gallery. The event started at 11.30 and by 11.45 the gallery was full of visitors chatting away and enjoying the lovely free cake. By 12 noon we had already interviewed 5 people we could not believe how much people wanted to share their stories about Bradford. It was really interesting to hear from people who had lived in Bradford since the 60s and 70s. We got loads of brilliant stories about what Bradford was like in its hey day and how the city has changed over the last 50 years.

Shoot 2, Friday 24 May:  Familiar Faces from Bradford City Centre

Our next shoot was around Bradford City centre we organised interviews with some of our favourite local businesses. We also managed to interview the lovely Ron in Bradford interchange while he was fundraising for the Bradford Marie Curie hospice .

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Next we will be interviewing the Lord Mayor and Lady Mayoress. We will then be taking a trip up Leeds Road to meet some of Bradford’s Barbers, Shop Managers and Restaurant owners to find out what their Bradford is like.

Bradford Video Portraits will be shown at Impressions Gallery, Fuse Art Space and on the Bradford Big Screen throughout summer 2015, as part of a major city wide project the Bradford Pride of Place Project


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