Melanie Friend The Home Front : Review by Ryan Baxter

Melanie Friend’s exhibition The Home Front shows her passion for photography and art, it shows something that is personal to her. Having spent time in air shows and international arms fairs, she ventures into the question of how we view war and if we consider it a brutal form of entertainment.

I had the opportunity to view Melanie’s work before meeting her. This gave me the chance to make my own views on the questions she wanted to ask through her photography. I was taken aback by the raw emotion of her work ranging from young children fearful of the crashing sounds of fighter jets to the middle aged men casually standing next to a ferocious tank.

I met Melanie about five minutes before the interview with the help of my fellow New Focus member Billy. We exchanged greetings and names before going straight for the interview. As Melanie had been travelling quite a distance to meet us, she admitted she was tired but showed great energy in talking about her projects and easily led the interview into her influences and how her previous projects led her to create The Home Front.

After we finished the interview, Billy and I immediately began editing the piece and once again got the see the photographs but with Melanie’s reasoning behind each photograph. This increased our understanding of the entire project. Billy and myself would like to thank Melanie and New Focus for giving us the opportunity to view a great piece of work and help us grow an appreciation for photography


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