Installation of James Barnor Ever Young by Nancy Haslam-Chance

A few weeks ago I was lucky enough to help out with the most recent exhibition changeover at Impressions Gallery. Growing up in Bradford I have always loved Impressions Gallery, so it was great to spend some time here, see what goes on behind the scenes and see how much work goes into installing a show. The first thing we had to do was take down the exhibition Liquid Land Legacies of Oil and Power by Rena Effendi. We wrapped each picture in tissue paper, bubble wrap, then brown paper and put cardboard round the corners. This job felt quite important and had to be done carefully to ensure that the photographs were well protected and would arrive safely and in one piece at the next gallery they were going to be exhibited in. Wrapping the pictures up took nearly all day but it was nice to be able to get to know the other volunteers and see Effendi’s photos before they left Bradford.


I came back to help 3 days later and a lot had changed! The walls were bare and the new James Barnor exhibition was laid out ready to be hung. I got to help Dominic, the technician who installs Impressions gallery’s exhibitions. It was great to see how he works, and the technique he uses to hang the photos so professionally with no nails or screws showing. He spent a lot of time measuring the distance between each photo, making sure each photo was straight. It was a very meticulous process and each piece had to look perfect- and they did! I liked how each piece looked like it was floating along the curved wall of the exhibition space.

I also helped with painting walls white ready for vinyl lettering, and cleaning the dust off the glass of each frame so everything was shiny and crisp and ready for the opening. I really enjoyed helping out and thought the exhibition layout and Barnor’s colourful and glamorous photos looked fantastic in the space. I learnt things I will be able to put in to use again next year when I hang my degree show at uni and it enabled me to think about jobs and career paths I would like to go into once I’ve graduated.



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