Time for Tea Review by Shaila Hamid

An exciting event, which occurs once every exhibition, is Impressions Gallery Time for Tea. This is a free event welcoming all to enjoy tea and homemade cakes. The event takes place in our Studio space overlooking City Park. This Time for Tea, on Friday 14th June, was hosted for Rena Effendi’s Liquid Land Legacies of Oil and Power exhibition and was a success with over eighty people attending, a ukulele band and student volunteers from Appleton Academy and Impression’s New Focus Group.

Those attending the event were mainly over 55s but there were numerous student volunteers thus making this an intergenerational event. Greeting those attending the event were students from Appleton Academy and the New Focus Group. The students served tea in delicate china cups and delicious cakes and savoury snacks. All of which were made by the students and donated for free.


After this students were given the opportunity to socialise with those attending Time for Tea and a key talking point was the opportunities provided for students through the gallery. Some students were even given career advice by those who attended based on their personal experiences. There was also a petition circulating to save the National Media Museum. Here there was a unified passion for Bradford and it’s assets such as the National Media Museum. There was a clear outrage on the museum’s closure so they were more than willing to sign the petition.


Shortly after the social event there was an optional talk, which was given by one of our Gallery Co-ordinators, and the attendees were provided with information about the exhibition and given the opportunity to ask questions.


To end the morning a ukulele group, called Three Chord Max, who regularly volunteer, filled the Studio with music and sang their versions of classics such as Abba’s Mamma Mia. Those attended then thanked the gallery for hosting the social morning and were eager to find out when the next would take place.


The next Time for Tea event will take place on Friday 2nd August 2013, 11:30-01:30pm so feel free to drop in as all are welcome.


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